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Thread: New customized Intel graphics driver for Toshiba C50-B-137

  1. New customized Intel graphics driver for Toshiba C50-B-137
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    Dec 2018
    Dublin, Ireland
    Hello there. This is my first time posting in these forums. I'm glad to be here. Here is what I had done today.

    I had updated to Version 1809 of Windows 10 which is the October 2018 update. I have a graphics card driver issue with my laptop which is named in the above title; a Toshiba Satellite C50-B-137. This is now an unsupported laptop. This machine was bought as a OEM. I have no extended warranty for it either. I bought it from a shop in Dublin on the 12th of July 2014. The shop that I purchased it from an Irish business called D.I.D. Electrical. I currently have a Code 48 error on my Graphics drivers provided in the Device Manager. There is a yellow caution symbol beside the option for the driver. When I clicked on the driver in Device Manager; it said that I had to ask the manufacturer, namely Toshiba, for a newly updated customized graphics card driver for this laptop.

    My Device specifications are listed here

    Device Name - DESKTOP-T11TCLL

    Processor - Intel Celeron CPU N2830 2.16GHz

    Installed RAM 2GB RAM (1.89GB Usable)

    Device ID 39F024A8-9CD6-40C5-878B-7715BAD429A1

    Product ID 00326-10000-00000-AA742

    System Type 64-bit operating system, x64 system processor

    Pen and touch input not available for this display

    My Windows Specifications are listed here

    Edition Windows 10 Home

    Version 1809

    Installed on 20/12/2018

    OS Build 17763.195

    I have had issues with a previous Intel driver with the version number of It was last updated on the 4/4/2016. This Intel graphics card which was used in the previous version of 1803 is slowly becoming out of date. I had been using services & programs like Windows Media Player 12, Google Play/Youtube Movies & Flixster Video Windows 10 App. Whenever I had used these programs & services in the last Windows version to play a video or movie; a BSOD (blue screen of death) will appear frequently as I played them on the laptop. It was causing my laptop to restart itself from the beginning. It has a very frustrating progress since this issue began for me sometime around July or August this year.

    I was also foolish to download another Graphics card driver from Intel as I had been very frustrated with the experience so far. I had tried the Toshiba support website to attempt downloading a driver. However; the issue here is that the last driver was provided on the 23rd of September 2015. No other update is available on your support website.

    Can you give us any update at all about a new Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 10 Version 1809? If you do so; it will be most helpful. I don't know if I need to have a warranty for this laptop to get the update from here.

    As I download Version 1809 today (Thursday 20th December 2018); Videos can now play on Windows Media Player without the BSOD but the picture quality from all of the downloaded videos are not good as they are pixellated & slow. There are also instances of freezing within the Windows media player when videos are being played. I have a lot of video games from steam, wildtangent games & microsoft as well. I have not checked their playability to see if they work yet.

    I am not sure about the RAM being OK either as I have no idea how to replace the RAM inside the laptop. I would not prefer to do replace the RAM because I don't know how much work has to be done with that process.

    Please help me ASAP.

    Thank you.

  2. Re: New customized Intel graphics driver for Toshiba C50-B-137
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    Dec 2018
    Dublin, Ireland
    Hello. It is me again.

    The current Intel graphics card is from the Bay Trail processors Intel N2830. It's processor graphics is Intel(R) HD Graphics Intel Celeron Atom Z3700 Processor Series.

    Am I correct to say that Intel's latest generic driver for Windows 10 October 2018 update on these processor is

    Do Toshiba have any plans to release a customized driver update for this graphics processor in the near future?

    I am currently not able to rollback to 1803 if it was a possible solution to fix the graphics issue with 1809. I missed the 10 day window to rollback to 1803.

    I have found some other issues with Windows 10 1809 to add to the issue with the graphics driver.

    Windows SmartScreen is currently not reachable when using 1809. When I download zip or exe files from the internet to my desktop; I have to right click Open as Administrator every time that I have to install the file. Normally I just click to extract it from the file explorer and it works normally. But if I try to download & install the file without using "Open as administrator"; a dialog box appears which says SmartScreen is not reachable. If that happens; I only dump the file by clicking Don't Run.

    Nightlight function is turned off completely. I have no way to turn it back on again in the Windows Settings App.

    Also; the built-in Windows Administrator is also not working either. When you right click on both Start button & Computer Management. The Administrator option does not appear at the top option of the Computer Management dialog box. I currently have Administrator privileges from my Microsoft Account so I could install Version 1809 on the laptop.

    Microsoft said that they will repair the issue with the built-in administrator with a hotfix in late January presumably given via Windows Update.

    Again; any help on these issues will be helpful.

    Thank you.

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