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Thread: How do I find the settings?

  1. How do I find the settings?
    Where on earth are the settings on a 4k TV? Model I'd 49U5863DB.

  2. Re: How do I find the settings?
    Hello Rachel, to find the settings of your TV you should only need to press the blue button on the remote. You will be able to access the settings.

  3. Re: How do I find the settings?
    I have a 49V5863DB model but I assume it's the same. Press the home button which brings up the apps/home menu, then press down to through channel menus and settings menus. Took me a while to work this out and yet the manual refers to the settings with no instruction on how to find them! Hope this helps.

  4. Re: How do I find the settings?
    Yeah Jols, the operation to access the menu/settings is the same throughout all 2018/19 models of Toshiba TVs.

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