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Thread: App crashing tv

  1. App crashing tv

    My brand new 49V5863DBT keeps crashing when i try to load apps. Bought on Saturday and worked fine over the weekend but the past two days it crashes.
    Whenever i load Netflix things get to 20% and then the tv doesn't respond, on All4 the screen goes black when i try to play something and the same on YouTube.

    Is it faulty? Should I return?

  2. Re: App crashing tv
    Hi, it sounds like a software issue which the team can send out to resolve. If you call them on 0333 733 4422 and they can advise further.

  3. Re: App crashing tv
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    I bought a 55 inch uhd 4k tv last month and it was working fine.it was having yupp tv app and i used to watch it.all of a sudden on last sunday when i tought of watching yupp tv the app is missing from the app store.can you please help to sort this issue.is it a tv issue ?

  4. Re: App crashing tv
    I am having the same issue with the exact same model TV. It is the TV software, I can play Netflix on other devices on the same network and can play from an Xbox connected via HDMI, but when I try to load via TV Netflix app it just hangs and causes the TV to become unresponsive. I can't even cast to the TV from another device as the built-in app takes over! I seen similar issues for other
    model Toshiba TVs but posted links to firmware from other users is not the way to rollout an update. These TVs are supposed to self update when connected, so pretty shabby!

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