It is with disappointment I find myself sitting in front of my Toshiba Satellite C50-B writing in this forum regarding my other Toshiba Satellite, a U920T 2 in1 i5 Hybrid Ultrabook. A ***y laptop might I say f it were not for one thing. The issue I have with the U920T is that over a 1 month period I have witnessed the display flex cable deteriorate to the point where it has completely severed itself in two rendering said laptop useless.

It was a slow decline that started with a slight grinding noise each time i slid the device from tablet to laptop style. This progressed to where the screen would sporadically go black and turn on and off each time i slid the keyboard in and out, a transition this 2 in1 Hybrid was meant to do and was its main selling point yet in my experience was its biggest downfall. Eventually the cable has broken and am unable to use it at all.

I have been told that this particular model is reknown for it and was actually part of a recall.

I understand that it is out of warranty but when i research a replacement part I am met with a huge price tag and unsure if the fault will return

Anyone able to shed light on this fault and maybe offer a glimmer of hope??

Thank you in advance

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