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Thread: 49v5863 freesat channels are missing

  1. 49v5863 freesat channels are missing
    I bought this tv last week to work direct from my sky dish which has a hybrid LMB. I know this works as I have been running a freesat box with no problems. When I tune the tv is has multiple co0ies of channels many of which do not work and all of the freesat channels are missing. I'm so frustrated I want to take it back and get my money back. To add to this when I came down this morning the standby light was flashing red and green and it wouldn't turn on.

  2. Re: 49v5863 freesat channels are missing
    Hi Mark,

    Unfortunately Toshiba TV's are not designed or tested for satellite use in the UK, so whilst you may get some functions to work this can not be guaranteed.

  3. Re: 49v5863 freesat channels are missing
    Hi Jacob, do you work for Toshiba or Vestel as this information, if true, would need to be explicitly stated on the product as it would be an acceptable assumption by a consumer that a Television sold in the UK as a UK model would function with standard UK broadcast methods. I also have many standard freesat channels missing on a 49V5863. This issue along with many non-functioning apps alters this product from a smart TV to a simple screen with inputs. Can a Toshiba/Vestel representative/moderator please advise?

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