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Thread: Satellite A660 - cannot play DVDs

  1. Satellite A660 - cannot play DVDs
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    Aug 2010
    Hello: I have Satellite A660-10W with Windows 7 but I am unable to play DVDs.
    My laptop came with Corel WinDVD BD and also Toshiba DVD Player with Resolution +
    but nothing works... The DVD drive does not recognise the DVD
    Please advise.
    Thank you in advance.

  2. Re: cannot play DVDs
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    Nov 2018
    Hello Bedouin,

    I haven't undersand very well your situation firstly , did the compture recognize your dvd player or not ?
    Secondly , if your computer recognize your dvd player , Did you try playing many others Dvd ? , it might be possible that the problem come from your dvd that you want to play not from the player

    hoping that you will resolute your problem

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