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Thread: 55U6863DB Dolby Vision fault

  1. 55U6863DB Dolby Vision fault
    I downloaded a .TS Dolby Vision demo file encoded in HVEC to put on a USB stick to try out the Dolby Vision functionality and it worked perfectly showing the dolby vision pop up logo in the bottom right etc.. that was yesterday.

    Tried to play the video again today to show someone and now the top third of the screen is static/flickering distortion and the bottom two thirds of the screen are blank.. when i stop the video the screen displays as normal again..

    tried all the usual tricks. still doesnt work..

    any help please?

  2. Re: 55U6863DB Dolby Vision fault
    Hello aaronwest86,

    It sounds like a software issue. I suggest contacting our contact center as they should be able to send out software which should remedy the fault. You can contact them via: support.uk@toshiba-tv.com or 0333 733 4422

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