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Thread: How to activate Touchpad from L670

  1. How to activate Touchpad from L670
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    Hi community,
    my Laptop L670 has been running on Windows 7 since 2011. At first, a menu for the F-keys appeared at the top of the screen when pressing the FN key. In the meantime, this is no longer displayed. At some point I turned off the touchpad. Now I do not remember how to turn it on. The operating system complains that the driver for the touchpad is out of order. How can I fix all this?
    Thanks for infos.

  2. Re: How to activate Touchpad from L670
    based on picture from https://www.notebookcheck.net/filead...ba_L670_70.jpg

    to enable-disable touchpad press Fn+F9 key simultaneously. No on screen indicator for some keys usually means the program to display it is not installed or not compatible with the operating system. I don't know the name of the program for Toshiba.

    About the driver, you can try update it from Windows Device Manager, but from there will download the generic version. It is better to download the driver from Toshiba if it available.


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