Good day,

I have a Sattelite L830-13M.

The hard drive was really slow and I wanted to install an other OS. So I formated the HD and it is now as new, with 2 partitions. I change it from GTP to MBR in order to simplified the partitions system.

But right now I am not able to boot the bootable DVD or USB (both don't work only on this computer) to install the OS on the hard drive.

So I connected this hard drive to my other computer, and installed the OS on it.

When I put the HD with the os installed and working on my other computer, the L830 is not able to start the OS.
In the bios I can see the HD with the good name and reference on first position.

But when I start , it show on screen
"checking media [fail]"
then "No bootable device -- please restart system."

I didn't find any way to solve this problem...

Can someone help me fixing this?