I have been trying for two weeks to talk to somebody at customer services, but it seems they are always too busy to answer calls.
I have anew 49U6763DB tv and a Sky Q box which appear to have compatibility issues. While watching Sky Q the picture and sound intermittently drop out briefly, as if the power has gone out for a second or two.
Sky technical support informed us that this is a known issue, gave us the Toshiba help centre number, and said if we contacted Toshiba they would provide a system upgrade which would fix the problem. The difficulty, as I said, is getting in touch with anybody to talk about this issue (I have tried phoning, as I said, emailing and filling in online enquiry forms all to no avail, apart from automated responses which have not been followed up on).
I would be grateful if somebody from Toshiba would contact me to resolve this issue (immediately would be nice).