Hello everybody,

I have a Toshiba P50-A11-W (PSPMDE) with Windows 10 Pro. Bios vers. 1.80.
I use the WOL. When I turn on the notebook with WOL at the time of system shutdown it power on itself on again after about 3 seconds from the total shutdown. Stop the system again and stay off as it should be. If I turn on the notebook directly from the button this problem does not occur, I shut down the system and remain switched off. To rule out a problem related to the network or the App with which I send the WOL, after turning on the same with this function, at the time of system shutdown I physically removed the LAN cable but the problem persists, so I came to the conclusion that be a problem either Windows or bios. I am proposing for a bios error because, as described above between switching off and power on there are those 3 seconds in which the notebook is completely off and therefore Windows does not "control" anything of the machine.
Thanks all and sorry for my English.