recently I had to get my Toshiba Tecra Z40-A repaired, which concluded into change of mainboard. When I got my laptop back from the servise I cannot find "HDD/SSD Password" section in my BIOS. Simply it is not there (and definitely it was there before the service). I can set user password as well as supervisor password in BIOS, but there is no "button" for setting a HDD/SSD password. I even updated BIOS to its last version (BIOS ver. 4.30, EC ver. 1.60), but nothing with HDD/SSD password has changed.

Any ideas how to fix it? I use Samsung SSD 850 EVO mSATA.

Luckily I didn't have my HDD password set before the mainboard change, so I can use my laptop with no problem. Nevertheless I'd like to use the HDD password feature as I used it before.