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Thread: Toshiba 48L smart tv

  1. Toshiba 48L smart tv
    Who is Jacob Murphy?

  2. Re: 48L smart tv
    Hi Barry,

    To confirm for you I am the Toshiba Forum moderator and technical support advisor.

  3. Re: 48L smart tv
    Thanks, there were such a lot of entries with Jacob Murphy it wasnt obvious who you were. Barry

  4. Re: 48L smart tv
    No Problems Barry

  5. Re: 48L smart tv
    We had a wifi failure, which started a few months ago. The home page loads but did not respond to remote or mouse.
    I was going to buy a X96 mini android smart tv box, and last night tried the tv again which worked OK but painfully slow.
    I would not stream, took for ever to load pages, so I carried on with my order, the cheapest was from cdiscount.com at €23.68.
    It has android 7.112, the built in has 4.4. Dont know much else, I hope it works when it comes?

  6. Re: 48L smart tv
    Hi Barry, are you still experiencing these issues?

  7. Re: Toshiba 48L smart tv
    Thank you for asking, the wifi in the tv is still unusable, but the x96 box is wonderful.
    It is good to be able to access the internet with a 48 inch screen once again, which is one of the reasons we bought the Toshiba in the first place.

  8. Re: Toshiba 48L smart tv
    I'm sorry to hear that you're still experiencing issues with the WiFi feature of the TV, however I'm glad that you've found an alternate solution!

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