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Thread: Toshiba 48L smart tv

  1. Toshiba 48L smart tv
    Who is Jacob Murphy?

  2. Re: 48L smart tv
    Hi Barry,

    To confirm for you I am the Toshiba Forum moderator and technical support advisor.

  3. Re: 48L smart tv
    Thanks, there were such a lot of entries with Jacob Murphy it wasnt obvious who you were. Barry

  4. Re: 48L smart tv
    No Problems Barry

  5. Re: 48L smart tv
    We had a wifi failure, which started a few months ago. The home page loads but did not respond to remote or mouse.
    I was going to buy a X96 mini android smart tv box, and last night tried the tv again which worked OK but painfully slow.
    I would not stream, took for ever to load pages, so I carried on with my order, the cheapest was from cdiscount.com at €23.68.
    It has android 7.112, the built in has 4.4. Dont know much else, I hope it works when it comes?

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