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Thread: Toshiba 49V6763DB multiple issues

  1. Toshiba 49V6763DB multiple issues

    Just wondering if anyone can help please? Brought this last week from Argos, having multiple issues since the last few days.

    1. Tv switches off, the light flickers red and green. Nothing on remote gets it back on even the switch on button on.

    2. Connected to Internet, worked fine u TIL recently. YouTube and Netflix both load but videos do not play.

    3. Green light on tv, blank screen, not responding to remote.

    So frustrated right now, such a hassle as tv is on wall so have to keep getting someone to come take it off/ on etc. 😩😩😩

  2. Re: Toshiba 49V6763DB multiple issues
    HI Dipaj,

    I'd advise trying a first time installation on the TV from the menu and if this fails to give our team on 0333 733 4422 or email support.uk@toshiba-tv.com a message and they can look into this for you.

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