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Thread: Satellite C660 not Booting

  1. Satellite C660 not Booting
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    Apr 2018
    hey all,

    i had toshiba C660 long time ago, i was using SSD with windows 10 and everything was working perfect, today I bring an HDD that was on other laptop and i wanted to use it on my own instead of the SSD, but I get boot failure, i try to change some booting settings at the bios and its still the same, i think i had disabled the secure boot and some thing called boot legacy or so on as i followed some of the forums on the internet who had the same issue.

    I'm still stuck in this situation i dont know if there is a way to fix it, i prefer not to format the HDD if its one of the solutions, i hope you could help me very soon.

    best regards

  2. Re: Satellite C660 not Booting
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    May 2018
    United Kingdom
    Have you tried tuning it off, letting battery run out and starting again?

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