A friend of mine needed a laptop for some type of study. No problem I have 2 I lent him the older one M70 for an older laptop it ran quite fast it has no trouble connecting with any network or any devicesuggestions. He returned to me after it was gone for 3 years he said it had a bios update then he could not getting running because of a password thing. He had tried things he Google Drive nothing worked. So he went and bought him self a new one. I have not seen him since. Any I was going through some boxes after moving and found the old m70. I plugged it in the other night to see if it would work. No good needs a password for bios. I Googled and played around with it for about 4 hours and still no luck. Only tried passwords have not tried anything else like clearing bios. Not clear enough with different ways to do this. Can anyone help out please the old had some great stuff on it music and quite a lot of photos some of the work I have done over the years would be great to relive the old days.
Thank you.