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Thread: Toshiba 55U6763 - Movie sense

  1. Toshiba 55U6763 - Movie sense
    Hi there, hoping someone can help me out as i am having a problem with my new tv. Toshiba 55U6763. The problem is every time i turn the tv back on i have to turn off movie sense, its like its not saving my request! Its starting to do my head in as i find it unwatchable when the movie sense is on and its a bit repetitive having to change it every time i want to watch tv. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Re: Toshiba 55U6763 - Movie sense
    Hi Petemc, This sounds like it may be a software issue, I'd advise speaking to the team on 0333 733 4422 or support.uk@toshiba-tv.co.uk and they can speak through some support with you.

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