first of all, I know there is a thread with "almost ?" the same problem here in the forum. I wrote my problem as a reply of that to keep the board a little bit clearer, but for any reason my post doesn't show up there an I decide to open an new one.

I got an Toshiba Satellite L650D-15G and it worked well until 4 days ago. This time I finished my work and close the laptop (not sure if I shutdown or just close). On the next day it wont turn on the screen again, no numblock light no caps lock lights nothing like this. I Started again and again but the screen stay black (not sure if Windows is running or not). Then I tried to connect the laptop with an HDMI cable to an external monitor and the desktop was shown on the external monitor and the laptop monitor starts working (no error messages like nothing happens). I tried to start again and since this time the screen and the external monitor stays black.

I tried everything in my mind and tried the suggestions of https://forum.toshiba.eu/showthread....atellite+l650d . Nothing works and I'm really desperate and don't know what else I can do. Hopefully somebody here in this board can help me.

Thank you in advance.