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Thread: Satellite L50B-11Z - Bios problem ?

  1. Satellite L50B-11Z - Bios problem ?
    Dear all,

    My friend have a Satellite L50 B 11 Z with HDD failure.
    I ve change it by a new one.
    But impossible to boot on a cdrom or an usb.
    I ve all time on boot :
    Toshiba Scren
    [ FAIL ] 0.5s
    No bootable device -- Please restart system

    When i look into the bios : i can change de time wihtout probleme it s saved but i cant change the order of boot device impossbile de put cdrom before usb and hdd - its never Saved. -> so i try to boot on usb with installation off linux
    Same issue
    Into the bios :
    Impossible to save Secure start to : desactived
    Impossible to save Start CSM - it alway come back to UEFI mode

    I ve try to change my new hard drive by an another one - no change
    I ve try to keep my alimentation for 24h - no change

    Do you have any idea ?
    What can i do ?

  2. Re: Satellite L50B-11Z - Bios problem ?
    hi try there are other key combinations:
    if it does not look for other combinations on google

  3. Re: Satellite L50B-11Z - Bios problem ?

    thx for you answer, the link doesnt work but i have find combinations key on Toshiba forum.

    Unfortunatly it still doesnt work .... i have try with F12 and with U buton

    i have try to boot with a windows 10 on usb key -> still ko ;(

    I think my motherboard is dead

    I have all time on boot :
    Toshiba Screen
    [1sec] Fail
    Black screen
    [1sec] Fail
    Then No bootable device -- Please restart system

  4. Re: Satellite L50B-11Z - Bios problem ?

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