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Thread: 49U6663DB and 2Tb hard drive

  1. 49U6663DB and 2Tb hard drive
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    Jul 2017
    I have over a 1000 mp4 film files on a 2tb hard rive attached to my 49U6663DB TV. I noticed the other day that it wasn't displaying any files when in the media mode over 951 files shown on screen. When I play the last movie I have and advance to the next one along it goes to the start of the list.
    i have never experienced this problem before and have been able to access the 'X' through to 'Z' files before but not now. I am missing being able to access 78 films. I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on this. The hard drive has an external power source and has never played up before.

  2. Re: 49U6663DB and 2Tb hard drive
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    Sep 2017
    Hey Mark, has the format of the Hard drive been changed at all?

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