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Thread: 24W3753DB: Internet Portal access

  1. 24W3753DB: Internet Portal access
    Hi there

    We've just purchased a 24W3753DB and were aware that in order to use Freeview Play we would need an aerial however we had assumed that we should still be able to access the apps (e.g. iPlayer) via the Internet Portal.

    Unfortunately we are struggling to get access to these.

    We do not have an external aerial (and will not be getting one); and internal aerials have proved useless.

    How can we use the Internet Portal only without an aerial?



  2. Re: 24W3753DB: Internet Portal access
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    Hey KM, unfortunatley you wouldn't be able to the apps require both a internet and aerial connection to work due TV needing this to operate them.

  3. Re: 24W3753DB: Internet Portal access
    Thanks Greg.

    Incredibly we've found an indoor aerial that works and have tuned to 120 tv channels and 33 radio channels.

    However, we can't get Freeview Play or any of the catch-up apps to work it says we need to be tuned in and have Internet connection.

    We do have internet (as can access You Tube) and can also access iPlayer via the red button when on BBC.

    Any thoughts?



  4. Re: 24W3753DB: Internet Portal access
    I would suggest performing a first time installation on the TV this will then allow you to set your internet back up on the TV and hopefully then with the internet and aerial connection this will allow you to have access to the catch up services.

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