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Thread: 32W3753DB Sorting channel listing

  1. 32W3753DB Sorting channel listing
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    Feb 2018
    United Kingdom
    Am just setting up a 32W3753DB tv. When I auto tune the digital terrestrial channels (ie from a connected digital aerial) they appear in a random order, presumably by the order in which they are discovered. Is there an easy way to re-order these so that they are UK standard channels e.g. BBC News on 231, Sky News on 233?

  2. Re: 32W3753DB Sorting channel listing
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    Sep 2017
    Hey Congreve....What do BBC 1, ITV and the lower channels get listed as? I think this is just the standard way they install when there found and cant be changed

  3. Re: 32W3753DB Sorting channel listing
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    Jan 2018
    Hampshire, UK
    I fear the previous answer is correct, i have tried all manner of ways to get the sequence to follow the 'standard' listings, but nothing has been successful.
    Was particularly frustrated when I deleted all the channels I didn't want, and resequenced the rest, only for them to all be returned & reset to the 'as found' sequence when we had to perform a fresh scan

    Very disappointed.

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