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Thread: 22L1353R - YPbPr connection

  1. 22L1353R - YPbPr connection
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    Feb 2018
    Hi everyone! I have problem with Toshiba TV 22L1353R (made in Turkey). It has 3.5mm Component Video Input and special adapter is needed (3 pin mini jack to 3 rca female), but original cable was lost (TV belongs to my landlord). I have tried 2 identical adapters (visually the same) that came with TV ) to connect my PlayStation 2 game console, and got the same result - if cables connected correctly (green to green, blue to blue and red to red) there is no image, if i connect green to blue and blue to green there is image without red color, conneting and disconnecting red doesn't make any changes, in i connet only green (from tv) to blue (PS2) image is black and white. How can i solve this problem? There is a special pinout on 3.5 jack? Mayby i can purchase original Toshiba cable? What models of TV's have the same YPbPr connection?

    PS I have tested Component cable of playstation 2 on old CRT - the colors are ok and all 3 cables ar used.

  2. Re: 22L1353R - YPbPr connection
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    Hey Metallian...Have you tried speaking to the team for the TV on 0333 222 7111 or tvdvd@toshiba.co.uk and they might be able to help you out with a cable or some settings to fix this....might be worth trying to reset the TV in the menu tho?

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