First of all I want to share that I am 100% happy with the Z20T-B-10C. Even after 2 years 15+ hours per day usage, the battery still has a 15+ hour capacity. The screen provides an amazing quality and is easy on the eyes (it is no problem to read tiny letters on a screen) and most importantly, the laptop is completely silent (no fan) while there has been no sign of lack of power for regular internet / office usage.

If I would need to consider a new laptop today, the Z20T-B-10C would still be in the top category of options. It doesn't lack anything.

Regrettably, a weakness has appeared to be the keyboard. While cleaning (simply wiping the keys with a wet towel) several keys have become unavailable over the years, and today the Enter key became unavailable.

I hereby want to inform where I can find a replacement keyboard dock for the Z20T-B-10C.