OK so i have just received an older laptop that im trying to resurrect.

  • O/S : Windows 7
  • Model : Toshiba satellite L500 PSLS3A-04M002
  • Battery model NO : PA3534U-1BRS

It died a few days ago and refuses to boot, press the power button -> power LED glows briefly and goes out.

As it's a smart battery you can't boot directly off the AC adaptor because it's expecting a signal over the SMBus (IIRC) power LED doesn't even light up with A/C only with the battery is removed.

I believe it's the battery.

First because i disassembled the laptop, cleaned it, and put it back together, nothing seemed wrong with other system components.
Second, it's only a small 3620mAh Li-ion that (AFAIK) hasn't been changed since the laptop was bought (roughly 2011/2012) so im thinking the charge cycles have been well and truly used up.

OK no problem, searched around online using the battery model number (above), found a replacement :


Cool, battery's enroute, should be here in the next few days.

Now the interesting part... When i go on Toshiba's site to look for some specs/drivers... the specific Laptop model doesn't exist, even under the discontinued models section... But there are a whole bunch of other models :

(click on the little arrow)

  • Toshiba PSLS1A-007002 Computer
  • Toshiba PSLS1A-01200K Computer
  • Toshiba PSLS1A-022002 Computer
  • Toshiba PSLS1A-023002 Computer
  • Toshiba PSLS1A-02T00K Computer
  • Toshiba PSLS1A-030002 Computer
  • Toshiba PSLS1A-031002 Computer
  • Toshiba PSLS4A-00500L Computer
  • Toshiba PSLS4A-01100L Computer
  • Toshiba PSLS4A-01200L Computer
  • Toshiba PSLS4A-01F00L Computer
  • Toshiba PSLS4A-01G00L Computer
  • Toshiba PSLSAA-00K00U Computer
  • Toshiba PSLSAA-00L00U Computer

Also, there's no live / website or email based technical support :


Convenient huh...

Can anyone enlighten me on Toshiba product numbers or point me to a resource for specs and drivers?