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Thread: Toshiba 49u6763db not registering PS4 slim

  1. Toshiba 49u6763db not registering PS4 slim
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    Nov 2017
    Hi i was wondering if anyone could help me with some connection issues with my ps4 slim.
    I bought the TV yesterday, plugged in the ps4 into the TV into the HDMI port 4. I then turned on the TV and the ps4 and it said no signal...BUT!!! There is a rotating circle in the top left corner of the screen which i would assume means it is registering the ps4 but its just not registering it fully. Can someone please help me. Im so confused and dont know what to do Cheers. Simon.

  2. Re: Toshiba 49u6763db not registering PS4 slim
    Hi, I am sorry you are experiencing this issue. I would first advise checking the TV is on the correct source. I would also advise unplugging the TV and the console and then plugging them back in. You could also try using another HDMI cable. I would also advise is booting the console into safe mode (turning on by holding down the power button until you hear a second start up sound). It may also be worthwhile connecting the console to another TV. If this does not resolve your issue I would suggest contacting the team who will be more than happy to further assist for you, we are open Monday-Friday 9 till 5 and 10 till 2 at the weekend and you can contact us on 0333 733 4422.

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