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Thread: 48l1453dn digial audio out problems

  1. 48l1453dn digial audio out problems
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    Nov 2017
    Hi guys! I'm having some issues feeding different DACs via the the coaxial digital out on my Toshiba 48l1453dn. On my M2tech Young I get no sound at all. On my Hegel HD11 I'm having a lot of artifacts on Coax #1, which I've narrowed down to buffer underruns on this particular channel. This creates randomly occurring stutter-like sounds/dropouts almost like a CD skipping. Coax #2 sounds fine, but the fact that there are buffer underruns at all makes me wonder if the digital out is following the S/PDIF standard entirely, even tho this sounds preposterous.
    I also tried feeding an Fiio E03K and E17 just now and got sound.

    PS. Settings is set to PCM but I've also tried setting it to compressed without any difference (unless these changes require a full shutdown of the TV).

  2. Re: 48l1453dn digial audio out problems
    Hi Corleone

    Sounds like a intesting issue, I'd give the team a messgae on 0333 222 7111 or tvdvd@toshiba.co.uk and they can look into this with you.

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