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Thread: problem on start toshiba tv 32rl938

  1. problem on start toshiba tv 32rl938
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    Nov 2017
    i have a problem with the tv.
    at startup, Toshiba log appears, but the programs do not, or it restart itself, at one point appears image on program tv, then restarts again.
    at the service said they are the faulty motherboard but can not find it changed.
    pls help, i need the motherboard.
    SN on TV: 58k13554
    model: 32RL938
    where can io find the motherboard?
    knows someone?

  2. Re: problem on start toshiba tv 32rl938
    Hi, have you tried speaking to Toshiba to help you with this one on support.ro@toshiba-tv.com or 021 — 5890866.

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