Hi, I m an IT guy that has run out of ideas. I would like to ask you some questions about a (probably hardware realted) problem that i have. All started suddenly , from one day to another all usb ports, camera and bluetooth stoped working. I dont really care about the bluetooth and the camera, the only thing i care about are the usb ports. I 've checked them with a multimeter (only the pins that provide power) and the strange thing is that they do provide power. If i connect something like a usb flash drive , the led flashes (stays on , doesnt flickers) but nothing happens. I am sure that's not a drivers problem because the laptop doesnt even recognize them in UEFI nor CSM. My UEFI does not have an option to completely disable usb ports, only to change from usb 2 to 3 (no change at all). I m sure it's now a power problem, i ve reseted the bios even by the motherboard jumper.So the question is , what it may be? is it a motherboard malfuction ? Can it be fixed? Also , is there any possibility that for example the camera is faulty , or the camera cable , and shortcutting something? (i mean if i disconnect the camera and the bluetooth, is there any possibility that it will be fixed? ) thanks in advance.

p.s. also on the motherboard there isnt anything strange like a blown up resistor or something.

laptop - toshiba satellite c50-b-14h
intel celeron n2830
2gb ram

thanks in advance