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Thread: Unsticking TV from glass table (Model 27WL56P)

  1. Unsticking TV from glass table (Model 27WL56P)
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    This set has given long and first class service but is being retired to the bedroom. Unfortunately it doesn't want to go. It sits on a glass topped table and refuses to be detached from it . There appears to be some mechanism in the base which might be a locking device but moving the lever every which way produces no positive result. Any help/guidance will be gratefully received.

  2. Re: Unsticking TV from glass table (Model 27WL56P)
    Hi, If you can get something thin like a needle a put under the stand this may release the seal and allow the TV to move, alternatively if you can get under the table and apply a low warm or cold temperature to where the base is this may allow this to release. But be really carefully as glass can crack and shatter dependent on temperature.

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