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Thread: Toshiba 42HL833G problems

  1. Toshiba 42HL833G problems
    hey, my tv. Toshiba model no. 42HR833G serial no. 41H00767 don't start and both red and green leds in front of the pannel are lighting, sometime everything it's all right and tv. turn on or start on in good conditions ?, maybe it's need to update my tv. set ?, I cann't find any firmware for update on your site, please help my ?

  2. Re: Toshiba 42HL833G problems
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    Sep 2017
    If the LED lights are flashing this indicates the TV is doing an Update, when is this happening? day/night?

  3. Re: Toshiba 42HL833G problems
    I have no idea !, I was left some days and I found it so !

  4. Re: Toshiba 42HL833G problems
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    Sep 2017
    Have you tried the TV in a different room?

  5. Re: Toshiba 42HL833G problems
    No I didn't but yesterday the TV was turned on , it started with the red led light and after few seconds the led turned up green light. Today ,when I would turn on my TV both leds were lighting on green, surely there is a software(firmware) problem !, a friend of mine said me that the firmware of the Winbond25q64cvsig is corrupt !. Have anyone a dump for this memory ?, please

  6. Re: Toshiba 42HL833G problems
    yeah this sounds like it's a software issue, what country are you in ion? I can find you the Toshiba team for you to contact and try to get software or firmware possibly?

  7. Re: Toshiba 42HL833G problems
    thanks a lot Mr. Murphy but I want to repair the tv. by myself , as I said I beg anyone can help me with that dump for that flash memory 25q64cvsig ?

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