I haved a 2TB Canvio Home Network HDD and installed the Windows Software by running CanvioLauncher.exe. I was able to see my 2TB drive and configure shares on it but since then I have tried the Installed Canvio Home software and it doesn't find my HDD. I have just bought a 3TB Canvio Home Network HDD and the software wouldn't find it either. I uninstalled it and ran CanvioLauncher.exe again but it can't find either of the drives and exits with installing.
Both drives are working and visible in Windows File Explorer and I can view and change some settings in a browser using the IP address of each HDD. The only reason I want to access the drives via the Canvio Home application is to create shares.
Can anyone suggest why my drives are not being found by the launcher installer and how to fix it?