I have a serious problem with my Toshiba notebook. It stucks on Windoes loading screen. I tried all boot methods (normal, safe mode etc.) by pressing F8 after powering on, but none of them is working. Sometimes an programm starts that is checking for boot problems, it says "registration is corrupt" and that i is repaired, but it is defenetly not.

The worst case is, that i can't start the recovery mode. Normally i first have to press F8, then select "Repair mode", afterwards i can select the language and in the fowollowing menu the recovery mode. But after i select the language it stucks on windows standard background and nothing happpens.

Pressing zero by turning on doesn't work, nothing happens.

Any ideas?

In the past it was possible to order a recovery dvd at https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu, but this link doesn't work.

Nether i have a Windows 7 nor an OEM disc, both were not included, Windows 7 was pre installed.