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Thread: Toshiba 40L3443DG cannot find any channel

  1. Toshiba 40L3443DG cannot find any channel
    Hi, 2 years ago I bought a 40L3443DG that was working fine. Now, after 11 months I decided to turn on the tv again (I don't use it that much) and I can't see any channel anymore. I tried to re-sync the list, but the tv doesn't find anything. I tried a different portable antenna, but still, no results.
    I'm trying to update the firmare (the current one is the 3.3.6x, which seems to be the last one available). However, when I hold OK after turning on the tv, the led goes blank instead of blinking red (the search using the LAN or wireless cannot find any firmware).

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    Hi Piro, It sounds like a issue with the tuner in the TV,you said you tried a re sync, is this a auto scan or have you tried a first Time Installation on the TV? This resets all channels and re scans for them, hopefully this will work! It may be there is no firmware available speak to the Toshiba team on 0333 222 7111 and they can look into it for you

  3. Re: Toshiba 40L3443DG cannot find any channel
    I tried both the autoscan and the first time installation, but with no avail. Today I bought an external DVB-decoder and it worked. It's quite weird that the tuner broke after very few days of usage, but the warranty expired a couple of months ago. Pity :/
    Thanks for the reply, Greg

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    Ok, I found the problem. In case someone else has the same issue:
    Apparently in some country (for example here in Germany, since the 29/3/2017) there's a new television standard: DVB-T2. My "new" Toshiba has a DVB-T receiver, so it's not compatible with the new standard.
    I don't know if it's possible to update the receiver with a new firmware (it would be nice). But yeah, it's not the TV that it's broken: it just became old quickly :/

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    Ah that makes sense now you've stated your in Germany. The TV standard has changed so will affect this. Try speaking to the German support team at Toshiba at repairtv@toishiba-tro.de and they may be able to help you out with the inbuilt tuner Piro!

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