Hi all, i'm Giaphar and i'm writing from Italy and I apologize in advance for my english
I have had a look around but couldn't find what i was looking for, probably because of my not deep knowledge about computers, but anyways...

1)___My laptop has been reliable through these almost 6 years so i'm thinking of rewarding it with a little upgrade for the storage and probably something else.
I'm thinking to change the original Hitachi 500GB HDD and go for a 240GB Toshiba A100 or something similar (advice about this would be highly appreciated) according to the availability at the local shop and, at the same time, perform a clean install on the new ssd rather than a cloning, for there are various system issues that, overtime, have come to be, e.g. BT disappeared and encountering troubles at the launch of explorer.exe among others.

_____Preamble: the product key on the sticker for my copy of windows 7 (i've never owned a disc, and the OS was installed already at the time of purchase) is only partly readable.
If I create a recovery disc with "recovery media creator", remove the original HDD (throw it into an enclosure as it is) and replace it with the new SSD, boot and run the recovery disk, will it work?
Is it going to magically create a brand new installation of Windows 7 and all of the utilities and so on that were on the pc when I first switched it on 6 years ago? What about the windows product key? Is it required?

2)___It happens that the temperatures of CPU and GPU go high, as much as 80-81C even if just some Chrome page is open. Has the time to have the termal paste changed come?

Thanks a lot in advance,
impatient to read your advice