Hi Guys,

I have a little issue with my Satellite L50-B-PSKT4U laptop and have created a service ticket at Toshiba, took additional warranty and no answer from Toshiba support..Have been on the phone after 3 weeks with their support and after 30 minutes of listening to keep-you-calm music the line get's cut and no support. Called again, after 30 minutes again same story, and 3rd time same wonderful support. One and a half our further no support, so let's try the queue for business laptops......
Within 30 seconds I get a service guy on the phone and I told him I pressed intentionally the wrong option for business support, because I had been waiting for 1.5 hours in total without success and 3 times in a row the line was cut... He told me that this line was for businesses and not consumers.
I told him the laptop was bought and owned by a company, bought via a reseller and my problem is a buggy BIOS from Toshiba/Insyde and could affect also business laptops..The guy became pissed and wanted to bet there was nothing wrong with the BIOS, because Toshiba would not supply buggy BIOSes.
Furthermore BIOS problems are not covered by warranty and if I wanted to get my laptop fixed I had to send it to a repair company and pay their fee for fixing the result of a buggy BIOS supplied by Toshiba..

Are you completely out of your ****ing mind???
This is the last time I bought a Toshiba laptop and will never recommend it to someone else......

Here is the problem:.

I upgraded the BIOS of the Satellite laptop because of poor performance, noisy fan, and freezing quite often. Ok, I killed Windows and am running Linux on the laptop..
Applications like Apache2 and VirtualBox are installed and during surfing the net or runnng virtualbox the laptop is freezing, fan spinning and noisy and the only option is killing the pc with the power button.
So I upgraded the BIOS to version 2.00. After the upgrade I set the password for user and set the password for supervisor..
I was using WIFI only and not using the LAN , was not using Webcam, no UEFI but CSM boot so I disabled and altered those options and saved my changes.
No problem so far, for your knowledge I used the same password for user and supervisor. After some time the fan started to go crazy again, and paranoia me, did not trust it, so I installed a partition with Windows and flashed the BIOS again and changed the User Access Rights of the BIOS to Read Only.
This was a mistake and should not be possible if the passwords are the same.

After some time I wanted to use the Webcam and enable it again in the BIOS.
This was not possible, passwords of User and Supervisor are the same and User rights are read only, and noticed that User password is first checked against the entry of the passwords, and security it set accordingly.
BIOS is locked and not able to make any changes, not enable devices, USB Booting is not working anymore, quite strange, and cannot login as supervisor and change.

I have tried to remove the BIOS password, by killing the CMOS, bridging jumper G2, not working.
Reflashing is not possible, due to BIOS is write-disabled..
No Codes visible to convert after 3 times wrong password
Recovery BIOS FN+F, WIN+B, FN+ESC etc, is not working
Setup utility/Password Utility for Win7,Win8,Win8.1,Win10 is not working, because BIOS is locked and cannot save.

I need an option or key combination that allows me to enter supervisor password and can enter BIOS setup as Supervisor, password removed, or backdoor Password to enter the BIOS as supervisor.

Have tried so many things but no results. And I am not planning to pay some service company to change my motherboard, or reflash with backdoor password, because the Toshiba clown claims there is nothing wrong with the BIOS and not covered by warranty...

Has anyone a clue how to fix my last Toshiba laptop???