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Thread: No text displaying on TV model 32BV701B

  1. No text displaying on TV model 32BV701B
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    Aug 2017
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    A few years ago my sister and I bought this television for our parents. Worst purchase I've ever made.

    Amongst the many problems, the latest is the sudden inability to display text in many parts of the user interface. All the menus for retuning and so forth are just filled with unlabelled options, making it impossible to accomplish anything without trial and error - a risky business.

    Does anyone know if this can be fixed, or at least have pictures of the menus as they should look, to assist with navigating to the correct screens? The manual provides screenshots for only some of the steps.

    Any assistance would be appreciated, thank you!

  2. Re: No text displaying on TV model 32BV701B
    Hi James. This is a bit of a strange one, Id advise speaking to Toshiba team on tvdvd@toshiba.co.uk or 0333 222 7111 and seeing if they can send some software out for you as it seems like it may be either software or firmware causing this issue.

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