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Thread: HDD Canvio 500Gb folders empty, spaced occupied

  1. HDD Canvio 500Gb folders empty, spaced occupied
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    Jun 2017
    Hi! I had been using my HDD Canvio 500Gb for a long time now and the only problem I had was making it work with my Mac. Everything was going fine until I plugged it in another Mac.

    I connected it again to my Mac and at the beginning I couldn't see any folders at all! But the space was still occupied, so that made me thought my archives were in there.

    I tried running a couple of Recovery Programms (only on trial) to see if it could find the archives and some folders started showing, but still empty. I then ran the antivirus and I could see all of the folders and in most of them the files (which I already backed up to the cloud), but the most importante Folders, the ones with my Pics, are still appearing empty.

    What should I do?


  2. Re: HDD Canvio 500Gb folders empty, spaced occupied
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    Jul 2017
    Hello I have a similar problem, I transferred files on the HD, it doesn't show the files I've transferred, but it shows that the space is occupied. I had message while transfering the fies saying that there was no more space, but th Hd won't show any files at all, but id does shows the space as occupied. Where can I find my files?

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