I have a Toshiba 32W1333DB TV. I'm trying to hook it up to a Windows 10 laptop over HDMI, but I'm getting no sound. The TV is listed as the default playback device in the sound options, but the speaker icon in the notification area is showing a red X icon, and the tooltip says 'No speakers or headphones are plugged in.'

I've tried reinstalling the drivers several times, though I'm really not convinced Windows ever really forgets HDMI displays in normal use.

The machine is actually a mid 2015 MacBook Pro booted natively to Windows 10 using Boot Camp. Booted to macOS the TV works just fine with the same cable plugged into the same ports. The same cable is also just fine plugged into a BT set top box.

There's a thread on the Microsoft forums where I've already been trying to get this sorted for several months to no avail: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/...a-709c92ad13e1