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Thread: Portege M800-106 -Toshiba BIOS update failed

  1. Portege M800-106 -Toshiba BIOS update failed
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    I have an old M800-106 (model PPM81E-00K00JEN). It is good condition and has been reliable, and I don't want to scrap it. Unfortunately the Windows based BIOS update from Toshiba's website froze during it's operation, and now the laptop won't restart.

    The cost of sending it to an authorised service provider to repair is significantly more than the cost of replacing the laptop, and I'd be charged even if they didn't fix it. I'm not saying it's expensive - if someone has skills and does some work they should be paid for it, but it's not what I want to spend money on for this laptop.

    Environmentally it'd bad to just chuck the laptop away/take to the recycling centre.

    I could strip the motherboard out and send that away to have the BIOS chip replaced or reprogrammed, but that would be time consuming and risk me damaging it.

    I would like to attempt to flash the BIOS chip, using the crisis Phoenix tools that are available online, but so far haven't found a *.rom or *.wph file to use.

    Where can I get the BIOS file - to be honest any version that suits this laptop would do, it doesn't need to be the most recent one.

    Any helpful advice gratefully received.


  2. Re: Portege M800-106 -Toshiba BIOS update failed
    Download the Bios for you Laptop from the support site,
    extract the file then extract the *.exe file with 7zip in one
    folder you will find a file (mostly*.rom) wich is around 2.048kb
    this is the bios file you need.

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