Hi, first of all i m an IT guy. So someone brought me a toshiba satellite c50-b for format and windows reinstall. The laptop does not have optical drive so i tries to install them via usb and i noticed that the usbs have power but no data, neither on bios nor in windows. So i installed them via lan. After the installation i ve installed all the drivers too. I ve noticed that both camera nor bluetooth work too. Camera and bluetooth does show on device manager at all but usb does. Usb show no errors but when you plug something that has led, the led flickers for a second or two but then stopes and nothing happens. Whats going on ? Can someone help me? The dude that owns the laptop told me that he thinks this happened since the bios update. Ive tries to reinstall it with no success because the version is the same as the own installed. What can i do? Thanks in advance