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Thread: TV 19BV500B Source Problem

  1. TV 19BV500B Source Problem
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    Jan 2017
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    Not sure what has happened or how to to cure it but my set which is a 19BV500B has a problem with the source.If I am watching a program and decide to change channels as soon as I press the new channel button it also changes the source.My normal source for watching TV is EXT-1 but as soon as I decide to change the source changes to TV so I have to go into source to go back to EXT-1.This has only just started happening.Maybe I pressed a wrong button somehow but what is the answer.Surely the source should only change when I go into source and change it myself.Any help appreciated.

  2. Re: TV Source Problem
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    I would suggest to either email tvdvd@toshiba.co.uk or call 0333 222 7111.

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