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Thread: Can I upgrade to WIndows 10?

  1. Can I upgrade to WIndows 10?
    I have a laptop, Satellite C50-B-131 and a set of recovery discs were not made for the unit. The HDD is now non operable and am considering purchasing the legitimate software from the Toshiba site to re install the OS, however the supplied software is Windows 8.

    Would I be able to proceed on to Windows 10 after the Windows 8 re install?

    Also, coming to the end of the purchase screen for the original software, the language selection is abbreviated to NH (is this UK English) as there are no other selections in the list?

  2. Re: Can I upgrade to WIndows 10?
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    NH Stands for Northern Hemisphere which includes English among many others.

    I would suggest buying a new copy of Windows 10 from PC World, John Lewis or Microsoft directly, as it will come with it's own license key, as opposed to needing to first install Windows 8 using the Toshiba DPK (Digital Product Key) - this will make installation easier, quicker and it means you get better support from Microsoft if Windows 10 has a problem.

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