My Satellite P50-B11-M works fine, but has a problem.

The fan runs at maximum as soon as the CPU gets to 20%. The noise is very annoying.
The normal interactive PC works, consume little cpu and then the fans fortunately not operate or operate very low.
However, Windows starts automatically few long batch processes, which consume 20% cpu.
The fan comes on fast, disturbing my work on PC.
This obliges me to finish the windows processes (ctl + alt + del), to silence the fan.

What I would like to understand is:

  1. It is normal for the fan to come up with only 20%, with a CPU of 2.6 GHz?
  2. It is normal that the fan is so noisy and annoying, in a top PC as Satellite P50 ?
  3. The action of the fan is adjustable as sensitivity?