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Thread: Portege Z30t - battery issue

  1. Portege Z30t - battery issue
    My z30t has flashing amber battery light on the tablet but static white light on docking station when adapter plugged in. Undocking the tablet and plugging in the adapter makes no difference. Amber light still flashes. Left plugged in for over an hour with no change. Running Windows 10.

  2. Portege Z30T not charging
    Portege Z30T not charging. When adapter attached to the docking station the docking station battery light stays solid white but the tablet light flashes amber. Leaving for a couple of hours the tablet light remains flashing. Disconnecting the tablet from the docking station and plugging the adapter directly into the tablet has no effect - the tablet light still flashes amber. All was fine when last used 2 days ago. Next use it wouldn't start at all. Tablet had not been detached from docking station for a couple of month.

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