My warranty has just expired on 30/11/2016 and typically the laptop has now developed a fault.

I always leave my laptop plugged in to trickle charge, using the power settings the batter never shows more that 3/4 full!

When I got home I tried to power up (should be in standby), all it did was click and go straight off and power button light flash 3 times.

Tried holding power button down to do full power of and then re-load, same issue not power up.

Next I took the battery out and it first of all came on with screen saying time and date reset and took me to bios to reset, I did that then powered up which took around 10 mins, I loaded task manger to show HDD at 100% for another 10 mins, then all settled down.

At this point I closed lid and slid battery back in but would not come out of standby, took battery out and again it went to bios to reset time and date before loading windows.

I don't know if this is a battery fault or charging circuit fault has anyone had similar fault with this model.