Hello all,

Few weeks ago i had a "display driver stopped responding and has recovered" warning on my screen. I didn't mind and resumed to watch videos. After a while, some red symbols covered all of the screen then the screen went black. But i could still hear the fan working etc. I did try to shut down the laptop with pushing power button for a while but it didnt allow me. it just went into sleep mode the moment i push the button. i thought it might be some kind of heating problem so i have made fan cleaning stuff and also renewed the thermal paste on gpu and cpu as instructed. after that my laptop was doing just fine for a couple of hours till the very same red dot-like symbols appeared again on the screen. i was watching video at that moment, so the video sound started wobbling as if the processor is stuck while working. then black screen appeared again. what do you think the problem would be? is it a hardware problem that i assumed or something else? any help is appreciated. thanks.