Hi all
This is my first post here - so greetings to all.

This problem is about memory compatibility with several Tecra A11 laptops.

I have two - a A11-12F, and a A11-1F4.

Both computers run well with a pair of Kingston 1333 2x2gb=4gb ram sticks.

Recently I have bought two separate pairs of 2x4gb sticks - neither works - both reboot after seconds, and they don't get more than 10 seconds into memtest before rebooting.

The first pair - which I had bought but now returned - were Samsung 1600 2x4gb. I don't have the model number because they are now sent back. I thought they were too fast or incompatible.

So I bought a pair of Kingston 1333 KTD-L3BS/4G - hoping they would run because my other Kingston 1333 sticks work (even though the Toshiba specs say 1066). Again they did the crashing and rebooting after seconds.

What are the varibles here?
I can't get these specs from Toshiba, and various ram sites like MrMemory or Crucial recommend different things:
1.35v or 1.5v?
C11 or C9?
R1 or R2 (what kinds of chip layouts on the sticks?)

I thought it might be bios - maybe they can't recognise 8gb - but I have having trouble with the Windows-based bios updater, and it didn't work.

I am a bit perturbed now, because I have now bought 2 separate memory pairs, and I really thought the Kingstons would work.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Please don't simply recommend that I buy memory of a Toshiba part number, because I'm sure a major-brand ram will work.

Thanks H