I've checked over countless forums for support for this and cant find anything that works to fix the issue so I've decided to post here.

The laptop has been specced to be used with a sim card and windows picks up the internal sierra aircard (em3705) and the latest drivers have all been installed, however using both dedicated software (Sierra Skylight / AirCard Watcher) and the built in windows mobile manger I cannot manage to get this to work. it detects the sim card and shows signal however it wont connect it just says failed.

The built in windows feature is a bit more tricky as it says there is no APN configured but it won't save any that I enter into the system.

The sim card is confirmed working as it will work in other devices such as mifi devices etc. and other sim cards wont work in this laptop either.
Tthe laptop is on Windows 10 and it has been tested before on windows 7 and would work, I have since reinstalled 10 and still no luck with getting it to work

Any help appreciated,

Many Thanks,